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    Our company SPRINGSUN is an export enterprise which is good at producing , developing and selling digital printers. It has had ISO 9001:2001 international quality authentication and acquired 14 Chinese patents and 3 international patents . It also has CE , ROHS patents

    Our digital flatbed printers can print designs on all kinds of materials, such as wood, glass, crystal, ABS, acrylic, metal, stone,leather,Therefore, according to the use, also known as T-shirt printers, glass printers, furniture printers, billboard printers, PVC printers, metal printers, leather printers, Acrylic printers, wood printers,ceramic tile printers and so on.. The printer can directly connect with the computer. You can directly print designs on objects as long as you have digital designs. The printer can do well at one time no matter how complicated the design is . The printed design on the object is waterproof and fastness. It also prevents ultraviolet radiation and is able to endure rubbing. Our printer can be operated easily and used widely. The price of the printer is very low.

    SPRINGSUN digital T-Shirt printer is capable of printing on black, red, white and any color T-Shirts, color-printing without silk screen and printing plat. It can accomplish printing white, gradient color picture at once. Water durablity reaches to 3-4 degree, no color fading and comfortable handle. It accords with the international universal standard and uses green environmental protective inks which completely reach to the highest European quality inspection standard.

    Color saturation is perfect

    Uses the latest LED cold lamp without heat radiation
    High-quality servo and screw transmission guide system
    Environmental UV ink, no pollution, low energy consumption, really green production

    Ultraviolet resist, keep in outdoor for 3 to 5 years without color Fading, waterproof

    Double 4-color, faster speed, to ensure you have more business opportunities in the fierce market competition

    Compared to traditional mercury lamp UV flatbed printer, the LED lamp does not have mercury, without produced of Ozone, it is safer and more environmental
    Traditional mercury lamp UV flatbed printer needs preheating before power on, however our UV printer does not need preheating and can print directly without waiting
    Low heat value, it can solve the big heating value of mercury lamp which the operator is difficult to bear

    Cold lamp, no heat radiation, the low temperature on the surface of printing material without deformation. It solves the distortion problem of acrylic, organic board, film and other non-thermostable material during UV color printing.

    Energy saving: The power of LED lamp is only 72W, traditional mercury lamp is 3KW。 Power consumption is only 3% of the traditional mercury lamp UV Flatbed Printer, it can save up to 97% of electricity.

    LED lamp has a long life of 25000-30000 hours, but the homemade mercury lamp has a life of 300 hours, the imported mercury lamp has a life of 1200 hours

    Using water cooling (water cycle), it still has good lamp curing effect even in the hot summer without air-conditioned environment. Traditional air cooled mode is not good in hot summer, it makes the UV lamp can not work properly thus affect the light-curing effect.

    The printed products of Springsun UV Flatbed Printer has embossing feel effect

    Springsun UV Flatbed Printer is mainly used in below industries.
    Decoration industry, glass process industry, furniture door, signs marking industry, exhibition industry, hard board package industry, leather & textile ?industry etc.
    Our printer can print on a wide range of medias, flexible media such as timely stick pad, PVC, reflective file, canvas, carpet, leather etc.
    Rigid media such as glass, tile, metal,ceilings, aluminum board, wood board, furniture doors, acrylic, organic glass board, foam board, corrugated board, etc.

    Lower cost, more suitable for high-volume industrial printing needs

    digital flatbed printer features

    1 printer can print designs on all kinds of materials whose thickness is within 10cm.

    2 printer can be operated easily. It does not need plate making. It can directly connect with computer with USB.

    3 the printer can print all kinds of colors and the differentiate ratio is 2880X1440dpi.

    4 the printer can print continuously or you can set the time interval

    5 the printed design is waterproof and fastness. it prevents ultraviolet radiation and is able to endure rubbing.

    6 you can dispose many printings one time when you print designs on the small objects.

    7 printed position is nicety

    8 printed color is bright.

    9 ink has no pollution and is qualified with the standard of Europe.

    10 large qualities of printing do no harm on the printer.

    11 printer can match colors automatically

    12 printer head can adjust print height automatically

    13 you can receive the good printed designs even if the surface radian of the object is within 3mm.

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